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Flood risk information is provided for illustrative purposes only. You are responsible for verifying the accuracy and suitability of all assumptions and calculations. Please seek the advice of licensed and/or competent individuals before making any investment or financial planning decisions. Do not rely solely on flood risk information or other Data found on this Site.
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The flood zone, elevation and flood risk results for any individual location shown on this Site are for general information only and you should not rely on them to determine whether you are required to obtain flood insurance or take any other action. Please be advised that the position of flood zone boundaries may be inaccurate in some areas and the address locator may not accurately identify the address that you provide. Before making any major decisions related to flood risk, such as investment or financial planning decisions, you should contact the National Flood Insurance Program for more information or to view an official copy of the Flood Insurance Rate Maps and to discuss with qualified experts the flood elevations and zones in the vicinity of the property. Additionally, information provided on this Site is based on some types of flooding in the Midwest, such as some weather-based flooding from rivers, but it does not include risks from other types of flooding involving rivers or other sources of water. Finally, information provided on this Site related to risk of flood damage is based on the National Flood Insurance Program’s rate maps, which do not account for future risk from potential changing client conditions.


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