Protect and Prepare Yourself

Learn what you can do to avoid or reduce flood damage to your home, keep yourself and your family safe, and recover more quickly after a flood. Many of these steps are free or low-cost.

Right Before a Storm

A storm is coming that could cause flooding. Here are quick and easy steps you should take and important things you need to know.

Shelter-in-Place Kits

What do you do if you are trapped in your home without power and clean water? A shelter-in-place kit helps you get by until power is restored or help arrives.

Evacuation Plans

Sometimes you have to leave your home to keep yourself and your family safe, but you might not have much time to prepare. Here's how to be ready.

Low-Cost Preparedness Projects

Many of the actions you can take to protect your home and family do not take much money or time. Here are low-cost projects you can complete in a weekend.

Flood Prevention Renovations

These renovation projects can protect your home, lower your flood insurance costs, and save you money in the long run.

Helping Your Community

Neighbors who work together are better able to protect their community and themselves from the impact of flooding. These simple steps will help keep everyone safe.